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Child Custody in Arizona

In an ideal world, when a divorce occurs, parents would work together to the benefit of their children. Unfortunately, emotions get in the way, and too often, parents end up battling in court for who gets child custody. At the law office of Paula J. Burnstein, P.C., we understand how important it is to keep your children safe and raise them with love. Paula is herself a mother, so she knows just how much you care about your children’s future. We work with you and your family to find the best child custody arrangement, whether that’s through mediation, collaboration, or litigation.




Finding the child custody plan that works for you

Not every family is the same, so not every family needs the same child custody plan. We understand that, so we provide a variety of services to meet you where you are.

  • Temporary Custody — When the divorce process is in its early stages, a court will make a determination about which parent your children will live with while a permanent custody agreement is being worked out.

  • Sole Legal Custody — This is when one parent takes full legal responsibility for the children, including making decisions about their education, religion, and health.

  • Sole Physical Custody — When children live with one parent for the entire year, that is called sole physical custody. However, despite the children living primarily with one parent, generous visitation rights are often afforded to the non-custodial parents.

  • Joint Legal Custody — In cases in which joint legal custody is established, both parents must collaborate on the major decisions that will affect your children. This includes residency, education, and health choices.

  • Joint Physical Custody — This is an agreement in which children share their time living with both parents equally. It’s important to note that joint physical custody of your child does not automatically mean joint legal custody.

  • International Custody — If your child custody case reaches across international borders and becomes a Hague Convention custody case , we work to reunite you with your family, no matter where you are currently living.


Modifying existing child custody plans

We understand that situations can change as your children grow or you or your ex-spouse remarries or moves. Such circumstances may warrant a modification to your existing child custody arrangement, and our firm is ready to help revisit your plan.

You may also wish to change custody due to endangerment to your children. If you suspect your children are being abused or neglected when in the care of their other parent, you need to contact us at the law office of Paula J. Burnstein, P.C. immediately so we can take action to remedy the situation and keep them safe.


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When your children’s wellbeing and future are at stake, don’t take chances with your child custody arrangement; take action. Contact the empathetic and caring law firm of Paula J. Burnstein, P.C. We offer a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your case and determine how we can help.



About Arizona family law attorney Paula J. Burnstein

Phoenix Family Layer Paula Burnstein

Paula J. Burn­stein is ex­peri­enced in fami­ly law mat­ters in­clu­ding di­vo­rce, cus­tody, child sup­port, and pro­per­ty di­vi­sion. She has prac­ticed sol­ely in the area of fam­ily law for the past two de­ca­des and has the know­ledge to serve your needs, both out­side of and in the court­room. She will help you work through your fam­ily law si­tu­ation while pro­tec­ting your in­te­rests and those of your fam­ily.


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