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Compassion, understanding, and knowledge:
That’s what Paula J. Burnstein has provided for families as a family law attorney in Maricopa County for more than 20 years.


Dissolving a mar­riage is never an easy choice. Not only do you have a my­riad emotions surrounding the end of the marriage, the property and debts must be divided, support may be needed and frequently there are children to consider. At the law off­ice of Paula J. Burnstein, P.C., we understand what you are go­ing th­rough. You can tr­ust us to pro­vide sound legal advice that comes from practicing family law for more than two de­cades. But more import­antly, you will be work­ing with an Arizona and Mari­copa Coun­ty fa­mily law at­tor­ney who cares about you and wants to pro­vide the best out­come poss­ible.


Whether you need a per­sonal ad­vo­cate to help you navi­gate through your di­vo­rce or you’re deal­ing with post-­decree iss­ues such as enforcement of spou­sal maintenance, child sup­port, or paren­ting time, Paula J. Burn­stein is the fam­ily law at­tor­ney who can pro­vide the so­lu­tions you seek. She al­so pro­vides ex­pert legal sup­port for grand­parents’ visi­ta­tion ri­ghts, thi­rd-par­ty pa­ren­ting iss­ues, and child-ab­duc­tion cases. We are your first—and only—choice for com­pass­ionate, know­ledge­able fam­ily law ser­vices in Phoe­nix and other areas in the State of Arizona. 


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The Phoenix family law attorney with a personal touch


family laywer Phoenix extended experience


We are not the kind of family law firm that is all busi­ness. While we are consummate pro­fess­ionals, we under­stand that each sit­uation is unique. We honor where you are and what you need to pro­vide a personal­ized experience that puts your family first. Our clients appreciate us for providing: 

  • Extensive experience
     — With more than 20 years of legal experience to her credit, Paula is a family law attorney with deep knowledge of the Arizona legal process. Our firm will approach your family law case with an eye on your immediate circumstances as well as your future.
  • Flexible service  
    — Our two decades of experience affords us the ability to manage your case in however you need our services. Whether that means nego­tia­tions, medi­ation, colla­bor­ation, or litigation in family court, we provide you with the effective legal representation that is appropriate for you.
  • Personalized attention
     —When you retain the law firm of Paula J. Burn­stein, P.C., your ques­tions will be ans­wered directly by our family law attorney. We build our attorney-client re­lation­ships on a foun­dation of trust and communication.



Comprehensive divorce representation


Divorce attorney Phoenix Arizona


Our Maricopa County family law attorney handles a wide variety of divorce issues for our clients across the Phoenix metro area, including:

  • Collaborative divorce  
    — If you wish to avoid court processes, our collaborative divorce services allow you to reach an amicable divorce solution without litigation and court appearances.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
    — If your case is not appropriate for a collaborative divorce, it may be settled in alternative dispute resolution, which is offered by the Maricopa County Court free of charge under certain circumstances.
  • Litigation
    — The family law firm of Paula J. Burnstein, P.C. has been litigating cases for 20 years and is prepared to take your case to trial whenever it is necessary.



Handling a range of family law issues


Family Laywer Phoenix child custody


At the law office of Paula J. Burnstein, we take on a variety of family law-related proceedings that including:  

  • Divorce Proceedings
    — We dissolve your marriage in a family-first approach that helps you obtain fair property and debt distribution, as well as spousal support, child support, and parenting plans.
  • Paternity Proceedings
    — If you are unmarried yet have minor children, paternity proceedings allow you, as your children’s biological father, to be legally included in decisions that affect your children’s future.
    Or if you are the residential parent, to receive child support. 
  • Legal Decision Making Authority and Parenting Time
    — As a parent, your children are the center of your world, and in a divorce, you want to protect them as you remain actively involved in their lives. We prepare parenting plans with your family’s unique circumstances in mind.
  • Interstate Custody Proceedings
    —  The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act governs interstate custody proceedings. Our firm has experience litigating on behalf of clients in interstate custody and parenting-time cases.
  • Hague Convention / International Child Abduction cases  
    — We have represented clients in complex international custody cases governed by the Hague Convention, and we can assist parents who live abroad reunite with their children living in the United States or defend against international custody claims.
  • Child Support
     — We calculate child support pursuant to the Arizona Child Support Guidelines, taking into consideration the nuances that affect each case.
  • Spousal Maintenance  
    — Your fiscal security is important, and we ensure proper spousal support following divorce that is equitable for our clients.
  • Post-judgment Modifications
     — Situations change following a divorce, whether for the former spouses or their children. Our family law firm advocates for your family following the dissolution of the marriage, whether through mediation, collaboration, or court proceedings.
  • Orders of Protection
     — An order of protection helps keep individuals safe during issues of domestic violence. We establish orders of protection as well as quash those that have been wrongfully issued and appear at hearings regarding orders of protection.
  • Grandparent Visitation Right  
    — In Arizona under certain circumstances, grandparents are entitled to an order from the court allowing them to have visitation with their grandchildren. If you are prohibited from contact with your grandchildren, call Paula J. Burnstein, P.C. to discuss your rights.
  • Unbundled Services  
    We provide limited scope representation and unbundled services.   If you need an attorney to do a limited amount of work, but not represent you in the entirety of your proceeding, Paula J. Burnstein can assist you.