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Divorce Property Settlement


Helping Maricopa County clients keep the assets they deserve after a divorce


One of the more stressful components of dissolving a marriage is splitting assets. Since Arizona is a community property state, all of your joint assets and debts will be split evenly with your spouse after a divorce. This can be a devastating proposition for some people. If you find yourself in need of an attorney to protect your property, the law office of Paula J. Burnstein, P.C. has the knowledge and experience to help navigate through the division of assets in a property settlement.

For more than 20 years, our family law firm has been advocating for Maricopa County clients in their property settlement cases. We know how to work within the law to ensure your property division is equitable.


Protecting your legacy


Although Arizona is a community property state in which all assets are divided equally with your spouse after a divorce, not all of your assets may be considered joint property. If you had assets before your marriage or received gifts of property from a family member, those are considered your private assets. We understand the nuances of property settlement and will work hard to keep what’s yours with you while dividing all other joint assets. We’ll gather the proper paperwork to prove ownership in a court of law.


Dividing a wide range of properties


One of the most important aspects of a property division case is establishing the worth of your assets. From that, we can determine who is entitled to what in the process of the divorce. Trust our experienced family law attorneyto identify all of the aspects of your property settlement, including:

  • Houses 

  • Property

  • Jewelry

  • Family businesses

  • Retirement accounts

  • Cars

  • Other investments


 Fighting for the property you need


When you go to court for your property settlement, every decision can have a tremendous impact on your financial future. That’s why it’s so important to work with an experienced family law attorney such as the law office of Paula J. Burnstein, P.C.

We help you maintain the property that’s legally yours as well as the property that’s important to you. This includes the items you need to live your life, such as vehicles, homes, and businesses. We also factor in your existingchild support andchild custody agreement when helping you fight for the assets that will allow you to sustain a comfortable standard of living.


Worried about your property settlement? Trust the law offices of Paula J. Burnstein, P.C.

If you are considering a divorce and need an experienced lawyer to help protect your property, we encourage you to take advantage of our free 15-minute phone consultation. We’ll start to educate you on your rights and learn more about your case so you can keep the property that matters.


About Arizona family law attorney Paula J. Burnstein
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Paula J. Burn­stein is ex­peri­enced in fami­ly law mat­ters in­clu­ding di­vo­rce, cus­tody, child sup­port, and pro­per­ty di­vi­sion. She has prac­ticed sol­ely in the area of fam­ily law for the past two de­ca­des and has the know­ledge to serve your needs, both out­side of and in the court­room. She will help you work through your fam­ily law si­tu­ation while pro­tec­ting your in­te­rests and those of your fam­ily.


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