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Parental alienation is a concern for Maricopa County families

Children should have ready access to two loving parents who support their wellbeing. Unfortunately, in some cases of divorce, one parent may try to exclude the other parent from the children’s lives. This then leads to parental alienation, which is detrimental to the children as well as to the parent who is denied access to them. Parental alienation can cause fear and uncertainty for everyone involved.


Likewise, parents should not attempt to sway their children’s feelings against the other parent. While not as obvious as denying access, such negative talk can lead to the children not wanting to be with both parents. And that in itself can turn into parental alienation.

If your children’s other parent has denied you access to your children, or you feel that he or she is negatively influencing them, it’s time to contact the law office of Paula J. Burnstein, P.C.



Let’s talk about parental alienation

A parent, grandparent, teacher, or family friend may notice the symptoms of parental alienation. When this is an issue, there are often telling symptoms that will indicate something is amiss:
  • An alienated child thinks that one of the parents is bad, the other is good, and supports splitting tendencies.

  • An alienated child lacks attachment to both parents.

  • An alienated child may show symptoms of depression and/or fear.



Act quickly if you suspect parental alienation

There’s no time to lose if you have a reasonable suspicion of parental alienation. Some mothers and fathers suffer for months or even years as they attempt to solve the problem on their own. This may prove to be a waste of valuable time if the other parent isn’t cooperative. In such situations, it’s important to reach out to an experienced parental alienation lawyer. Paula J. Burnstein is that person.

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