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Divorce is a scary word for most people. When you think of retaining a divorce lawyer, they get even more apprehensive. Which option is best for you? Which attorney should you choose? At the law office of Paula J. Burnstein, P.C., we under­stand how emotional this process can be. Our divorce lawyer provides you with two decades of experience practicing family law in Arizona, and we know how to advocate for you and support your unique situation. We listen to you and your concerns so that we can work together to find the best solution for you. Regardless whether you are just starting to consider divorce or if you have been divorced for years and need to revisit parenting time, or support obligations we are the Phoenix divorce lawyer with a heart for your family.


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Arizona is a no-fault divorce state, which means that neither you nor your spouse has to prove blame to end the marriage. The only cause for divorce in Arizona is to claim that the marriage is “irrevocably broken.” This establishes that neither party was at fault for the divorce but that the marriage cannot continue. Whether you are filing for divorce or have been served divorce papers by your spouse, our Phoenix divorce lawyer helps you understand the paperwork involved in the process and what steps should be taken after the initial filing.



About Arizona family law attorney Paula J. Burnstein

Phoenix Family Layer Paula Burnstein Paula J. Burn­stein is ex­peri­enced in fami­ly law mat­ters in­clu­ding di­vo­rce, cus­tody, child sup­port, and pro­per­ty di­vi­sion. She has prac­ticed sol­ely in the area of fam­ily law for the past two de­ca­des and has the know­ledge to serve your needs, both out­side of and in the court­room. She will help you work through your fam­ily law si­tu­ation while pro­tec­ting your in­te­rests and those of your fam­ily.


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Safeguarding your financial future


One of the most troubling aspects of a divorce case is the impact it has on your finances. It’s important to choose an attorney who has the knowledge and experience to handle your case effectively, because the decisions made now will affect your finances for years to come.
At the law office of Paula J. Burnstein, P.C., our divorce lawyer helps protect your financial future by handling all aspects of your divorce including:
  • Property Division — Arizona is a community property state, meaning that whatever property and assets you and your spouse purchased while together will be split in half. In property division cases, we help you retain ownership of the assets you are entitled to and protect what you rightfully own separately from your spouse.
  • Child Support — Our divorce lawyer represents both custodial and non-custodial parents who need an
    effective  child support  plan that is both fair under the law and beneficial for the children involved. We work with you to review your finances and advocate for you, whether that means getting you the support your children need or ensuring you only pay what’s required. And when the time comes to revisit your child maintenance agreement, we represent you then as well.
  • Spousal Maintenance — Following the dissolution of a marriage, there is often the need for one spouse to receive maintenance to maintain his or her lifestyle throughout this transition. We help to find a resolution that is fair to the party we are representing, and we work with you to revise any agreements as your situation changes.
Collaborative divorce: a peaceful solution

While a divorce is always wrought with emotion, it can be transformed into a positive transition through a collaborative divorce. By bringing together a divorce lawyer, child advocate, financial planner, and mediator, the collaborative process supports all members of the family through the divorce. We can work with you to honor your feelings and find a better way to maintain the family you’ve built as its structure changes. Naturally, we will support you in the process through topics such as parenting time, child support, and spousal maintenance.
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Learn more about how our divorce lawyer can help you by scheduling your free 15-minute phone consultation. We will guide you through how the process works and provide answers to your questions. The law office of Paula J. Burnstein, P.C. represents clients across Maricopa County, including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, and Glendale.